We are a Florida Builder

About WCS

JP Wiseman Construction Services LLC (WCS) is a professional construction services provider. We work with a wide range of clients that have challenges that require a new, additional, or altered built environment. To meet this challenge successfully, WCS knows that success begins in planning. That planning requires accurate programming, design, budgeting, and certainly authorization. We have led many challenging projects to success.

What drives us and what value do we bring?

WCS is driven by client satisfaction. We clearly understand the value of client relationship and client satisfaction. Would a client hire you again? To be a trusted povider of professional construction services, a builder mush have and create satisfied clients. There is no greater compliment a client can offer than to be a repeat client. Because of our over 30 years of experience creating satisfied clients we know what that looks like. A cost-effective plan that addresses the program needs of a client in a budget and scheduled time is available at a quality level that also exceeds client expectations.

Florida Commercial Construction Services