A Florida Builder Since 1988

Serving Florida For Over 32 Years.

Licensed Since 1988 CGC 43320

Florida Commercial Construction Services

  • We have over 32 years of building experience in Florida.  We stake our reputation on every project and deliver the highest quality construction services in this state.  Our proven methods of delivery provide our clients with  planned and executed success, on time, at a guaranteed price. 
  • 1st Public Works Project 1987
  • 1st School Project 1988
  • 1st Shopping Center 1989
  • 1st Bank 1990
  • 1st Assisted Living 1990
  • 1st Student Housing 2003
  • 1st Multi-Family 1988
  • Builder Hall of Fame
  • Builder of the Year awarded by three different industry associations
  • Commissioner on the Florida Building Commission
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What We are

JP Wiseman Construction Services LLC (WCS) is a professional construction services provider. We work with a wide range of clients that have challenges to their business or services that requires a new, additional, or altered built environment.

To meet this challenge successfully WCS knows that success begins in planning. That planning requires accurate programming, budgeting, and certainty that the Public Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will authorize construction of what will be designed.


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Over 32 Years of Experience

WCS has been a Certified General Contractor (CGC 43320) in the State of Florida since 1988. Under this license,  many successful projects with several repeat clients have been completed. Successful projects include Thousands of Senior Housing beds, Thousands of Student Housing Beds, Thousands of multi-family units, schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities and other public buildings.

JP Wiseman Construction Services Buildings

What Drives Us

WCS is driven by client satisfaction. We clearly understand the value of client relationship and client satisfaction. Would a client hire you again? To be a trusted provider of professional construction services a builder must have and create satisfied clients. There is no greater compliment a client can offer than to be a repeat client. 

Because of our over 30 years of experience creating satisfied clients we know what that looks like. A cost-effective plan that addresses the program needs of a client in a way that satisfies the client. Then effective execution of that plan within the budget and scheduled time available at a quality level that also exceeds the client expectations.

Florida Commercial Construction Services


We work with a wide range of clients who need an altered or newly built environment to overcome their challenges. Success starts with understanding what spaces, uses and features need to be part of the program to successfully meet the challenge. 


JP Wiseman Construction Services LLC is the most effective planner and provider of high level pre-construction services.  We have been  the leading provider in construction management and design build deliver projects.  Our contract values surpass $2 Billion.


The very best time for us to control costs is in the early Design Development stages. Providing interactive feedback from the designers to the trades people and cost estimators. Value evaluation and Value Engineering is done in alignment with design, not after design is complete. Trying to reduce costs after the design is complete hurts the project and the entire team.


There is no confusion in our team about what our clients pay us to do. We are paid to put work in place. Safely, accurately, on time and within budget. All our great planning with our client and design team is to give us the best chance to do exactly that.


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