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JP Wiseman Construction, LLC has been a trusted provider of construction services since 1988. Providing built solutions for a diverse range of clients begins with meticulous planning, accurate programming and precise budgeting.

Under our General Contracting License (CGC 043320), we have successfully completed numerous projects including Senior Housing, Student Housing, Multi-Family Units, Schools, Healthcare Facilities and Places of Worship.

We are driven by our clients’ satisfaction, understanding the importance of client relationships and repeat business from our clients. On each project we are determined to deliver cost-effective plans that address client needs, executing plans within budget and schedule while surpassing client expectations in quality.

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A Partner
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A partner for building in Florida

JP Wiseman Construction is comprised of a team that cares and is involved in building their local community. Our team is experienced in completing a wide array of projects and is intimately aware of how to do so in the State of Florida. We will ensure that the project being designed will be successfully approved by the necessary authorities having jurisdiction. Years of working with local designers and subcontractors will further bolster the success of a project.

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JP Wiseman Construction offers complete project management from the design stages to the completion of a building. As a design-build construction company, we get to use our experience to work with local designers, local subcontractors, and local authorities having jurisdiction to successfully deliver a completed project.

Every design-build project we have completed over the last 35 years has finished on time, on budget and the client was satisfied.

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Our clients trust us to build safely, accurately and on time.

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Construction Services in Florida

We are stewards of our client's resources and have clarity about what our clients pay us to do. Clients partner with us and pay us to put work in place, safely accurately, on time and within budget, all from the start of designing a project.

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Commercial construction programming

Success starts with learning and understanding the needs and challenges of a client. Meeting challenges requires an understanding of what spaces, uses and features need to be a part of a built solution.

JP Wiseman Construction, LLC is a leading planner and provider of high-level pre-construction services. Meticulous planning has resulted in over $2 billion in successful contracts.


Commercial construction planning


Commercial construction estimating

Starting at the beginning stages of design, we are conscious at all times about the costs of a project. By using our expertise of not only ourselves, our designers and our subcontractor base, along with other strategic partners, we are able to reduce the costs of a project. Being proactive about reducing the costs of a project during the design phase will set up a project for success.

We are stewards of our clients' resources and have clarity about what our clients pay us to do. All we get paid to do is put work in place safely, accurately, on time and within budget. With great programming, planning, and estimating all our projects are set up for success.


Commercial construction execution