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Meet Sarasota's Most Respected Construction Management Team

JP Wiseman Construction is a veteran-owned and operated business in Sarasota, Florida. With a team of professionals and a robust construction management portfolio, JP Wiseman has been creating one-of-a-kind builds for over 35 years. Get to know our team!

John P. Wiseman Founder & CEO Mike Riley General Superintendent Lisa Johnson Construction Administrator Scott Coquinco Director of Preconstruction David Russo Project Manager Todd McNeal Senior Project Manager Jonathan Sammons Senior Project Manager Bryan Baldwin Assistant Project Manager Spencer Wiseman Assistant Project Manager

John P. Wiseman Founder & CEO John P. Wiseman is the former President of one of Florida’s largest Construction Management Companies. John Wiseman started in the industry as a Project Manager. Except for his military service, John has spent his entire career in the construction industry. Before the age of 30 John was a shareholder in this national company and was appointed as the President of their Florida Company where he served as the leader for over 25 years. In 2020 John along with a few other talented leaders started a new company focused on only clients and work in Florida. John spends a great deal of time learning and training others in the industry.

John has taught continuing education to other contractors and was appointed by two different Governors to the Florida Building Commission. John has been very successful working with design teams on cost effective and high value solutions for hardened structures and prevention of water infiltration. John provides skilled leadership in project delivery for clients. His experience includes many schools and government facilities, thousands of units of Senior Housing and student housing and several churches and medical facilities. John’s leadership and development skills were critical in his active involvement in projects across Florida. John is committed to excellence in every project.

Mike Riley General Superintendent Mike Riley began his professional construction career after high school. At a young age he spent time working the family ranch and working on the job sites as a laborer for his father adding to the already strong work ethic he was able to find his passion which was construction. Mike Riley joined the same company that his father worked for as an apprentice carpenter and did commercial framing. In 2000 Mike went to work for a large commercial builder as a carpenter and excelled to Senior superintendent working on projects from Health care, K-12, Recreation and Higher Education.

In Oct 2016 Mike relocated his family to Florida to take a position with a large commercial builder as a senior superintendent, mentor and leader. Mike has a deep knowledge of the industry, Customer Service and the competitive landscape. He is innovative and adept at finding ways to motivate construction teams to exceed expectations.

Lisa Johnson Construction Administrator Lisa has over 25 years experience in the field of Management, Program Planning, Management of Accounts, Contract Administration, Supervision and Project Coordination. She has handled multiple large and small scale projects simultaneously ranging in value from $144K to $25M. Lisa’s attention to detail and consistency relative to support and follow up has been such a refreshing attribute especially in today’s environment of stress and a need it right now attitudes.

She is a skilled administrator who speaks clearly and ensures that her words are specific so there is no confusion. Lisa brings an intense amount of pride to her work. She will always go the extra mile to support her team.

Bryan Baldwin Assistant Project Manager Bryan was first introduced to construction in his early years high school. He worked hard as a laborer at a local Massachusetts construction company. He continued to grow his passion and knowledge for the industry during his college years, as he learned to metal frame and hang drywall. Following graduation, he gained two years’ experience as an APM in the commercial industrial construction field. He has diversified his portfolio by spending time working on site and in the pre-construction phase. His willingness to learn and grow in the industry makes him an asset to have on any project.

Scott Coquinco Director of Preconstruction Scott Coquinco leads JP Wiseman’s preconstruction efforts and brings an excellent resume of successfully completed residential/commercial projects. His many years of specialized preconstruction experience and intimate understanding of construction industry conditions and methodologies bring a decided advantage to your project. Scott keeps Client Advocacy front and center as he helps implement our preconstruction processes with the primary purpose of building trusting and long-lasting relationships.

David Russo Project Manager David started college after high school with the intent of becoming an Architect, where he realized his passion was not to design but to build the project. After his Junior year in College, he started working for a local Vermont construction company as a laborer, he wanted to work his way up, to learn what he could as he moved up to the management of projects. Along his way he mastered carpentry, was a mason’s apprentice, worked in site/civil construction and found himself working with concrete crews, drywallers, painters, and insulators. David has had worked as a Logistics Manager, CAD Designer, Chief Estimator and Preconstruction Manager. This allowed him to build a stable foundation of hands-on construction skills, working on projects ranging from Senior Development Centers, City, County, State and Federal projects, David took 5 years to serve in the US Army, as a Paratrooper, from 2011 until he was medically retired in 2016. He then transitioned back to civilian work with a national construction management company, where he focused on Florida construction practices. He began as an Assistant Project Manager and was quickly capable of assisting 3-4 projects at once and being the main POC on these projects with minimal oversight from upper management. Since then, David was promoted to Project Manager. David’s personal dedication to operational success drives him to turn over the best product possible for the client.

Spencer Wiseman Assistant Project Manager Spencer Wiseman began his time in construction once he turned 16 years old. Working as a laborer and all together managing labor crews, he gained an appreciation for the people and hard work that make up a successful construction project. Once he graduated high school he chose to follow his father’s footsteps, and is a graduate of the Rinker School of Construction Management at the University of Florida. Numerous internships since his time as a laborer has allowed him to gain experience with a variety of projects that span from Sarasota into his campus at the University of Florida. He is currently enrolled in the Mercer School of Law where he will advance his education and professional goals. His wealth of experience combined with his eagerness to continue improving in this field make him a useful member of any project team.

Todd McNeal Senior Project Manager Todd has over 21 years’ experience in the Construction Industry. Todd is responsible for the firm’s most complex and high-profile projects. He coordinates weekly with staff regarding the scheduling and financial aspects of the project, as well as leads the resolution of any challenges that may arise. Todd is a leader in implementing innovations on his projects and overseeing the quality of the final results for the client. He oversees projects from Pre-construction through project completion establishing budgets and schedules with Design, Development and Ownership Teams as well as negotiates subcontracts, prepares monthly job cost reports and analyzes monthly cash flow. Projects have included wood framing, block and plank, and structural steel framing.

Jonathan Sammons Senior Project Manager Jonathan Sammons has been in commercial construction since 2006. Priamry focus was building for the Navy/NAFAC, US Army Corps of Engineers, and NOAA. Projects spanned from hurricane repairs, mold rememdiation, and asbestos abaitment, to gymnasiums, classrooms, and laboritories. Jonathan has been building multifamily and senior living since moving to the Bradenton/Sarasota area in 2013. Projects have included wood framing, block and plank, and structural steel framing. Detail oriented to provide a well coordinated final project, Jonathan’s projects have been awarded an ABC Eagle Award and Interior design silver. Prior to commercial construction, Jonathan worked for a low voltage company installing proprietory communications systems.