About our Commercial Construction Project Manager

Commercial Construction Project Manager With Purpose

As a trusted provider of construction services since 1988, JP Wiseman provides building solutions for a diverse clientele. As a design-build construction project manager, our firm specializes in everything from start to finish.

Our Mission

At JP Wiseman Construction, we are committed to building solutions for our customers through high-quality construction services; relationships founded in mutual respect, integrity, and trust; and value for our customers, our employees and the communities we serve.

the team at JP Wiseman Construction Services LLC

Be part of the

  • Define Problems
  • Be a Team Player
  • Adapt to Change
  • Follow Planned Process
  • Client Decides
  • Be Aware
  • Build Trust
  • Manage Expectations

Care for our

Stewardship creates

  • Innovate
  • Grow
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be and Seek Accountability

In all these things, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

What Drives Us

WCS is driven by client satisfaction. We clearly understand the value of our relationship with our clients and their satisfaction. Would a client hire you again? To be a trusted provider of professional construction services a builder must have satisfied clients. There is no greater compliment a client can offer than to be a repeat client.

Because of our 35+ years of experience creating satisfied clients, we know what that looks like. A cost-effective plan that addresses the needs of a client in a way that satisfies them. Then, effective execution of that plan within the budget and scheduled time available at a quality level that also exceeds the client's expectations.